THE COOLEST DANCE COMPETITION IN IOWA    -   Saturday, November 4th, 2017
Prairie Meadows Casino and Resort, Altoona, Iowa

Time to Go Gangsta!

Make-Up Artist
Contact Rafael Labrado to set up your hair and makeup for the Des Moines Dance Classic.

Hair: $70

Ladies Full Makeup: $70

Guys Makeup: $40

Lashes: $25

Mobile # : 816-304-2767.

Make sure you are seen!

You down with DMDC?

DMDC is an fun and affordable ballroom dance competition to participate in Am/Am and Pro/Am dancing. You can compete, get critiqued, or just come and spectate the great dancing.

If you are a professional couple, please contact us and we can accommodate you with special critiques from the judges on your dancing and give you a spot on the floor during our showcase events!

DMDC is one of the best venues for dancers to perform showcases. Whether you are into salsa dance, ballroom dancing, enjoy dance classes, a newcomer or professional, you will enjoy the crowd turnout and they will enjoy you.


​by Professional Couples

Ballroom Dancing

Competitive Dances


(Yeah, you know me!)

In the spirit of "Goin Gansta", you are encouraged to come to the evening showcase in full flapper style, wearing a Zuit suit, dressing in the your gangster finest duds, greasing the hair, or whatever fits the Gangster theme for you. 

A CASH AWARD will go to best costume!

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